Rules For Bus Use and Safety

  • Students must keep clear of moving buses.
  • Students must wait for, enter and leave school buses in an orderly fashion.
  • Students must behave on the bus in a considerate fashion and obey all instructions given by the driver.
  • The bus and its interior fittings must not be damaged in any way.
  • Students must travel on the bus to which they are allocated. If it is necessary for a student to travel on some other school bus, or if a student who does not normally travel on a school bus wishes to do so, permission and a note for the driver must be obtained from the Deputy Principal in Charge of Buses
  • Students must be wearing complete and correct school uniform, or they will be refused entry onto the buses. Exceptions are school trips or Mufti Days.
  • Students who are truant will not be permitted to travel on the bus on that particular day. Their caregiver will be contacted.


For more information, please contact the College Office. 376 8344.