At Tararua College Health and Safety is of the utmost importance. We endeavour to maintain a safe physical environment for all personnel including students, teachers, support staff, visitors and contractors and to this end actively identify physical hazards and eliminate or minimise them. When students and staff are travelling away from the College we have proactive procedures that include the writing of a Safety Action Plan in which foreseeable risks are identified and how these will be managed.

Our Health and Safety programme includes:

• Maintaining a safe physical environment where hazards are identified and then removed or managed. 
• The testing of all College owned electrical appliances and devices
• Monitoring noise levels in workshops
• Using appropriate and approved methods when dealing with toxic substances in laboratories and workshops
• Careful use of tractors and mowers
• Endeavouring to provide ergonomic furniture
• Using Safety Action Plans for off-site activities. 
• Providing First Aid training for teachers and support staff, and students
• Monitoring attendance data and identifying at risk students
• Having an emergency evacuation plan that is known by all personnel and practised regularly
• Having a Lockdown plan that is ready to be used in the event of an intruder that poses a threat.
• A Cyber Safety programme that involves student education and provides internet filters and safeguards.