Dylan Tai Leah 100m stars for TC 1"Drive beyond Excellence"


DRIVING EXCELLENCE in SPORT, ACADEMIC and CULTURAL activities.We expect and support EXCELLENCE in your chosen discipline, acting as a HIGH PERFORMANCE role model.

Students selected for the ACADEMY will have their needs met and be EXTENDED to achieve EXCELLENCE in their chosen discipline and in their schooling.


We recognise that students attending Tararua College are jst as talented, gifted and motivated as any others in the country.  However, that motivation is often tempered by the students' ability to access the support networks available to students in higher decile urban environments. We aim to provide the support mechanisms to ensure all students, no matter what their soci-economic or ethnic background, have access to the best opportunities available whilst remaininf in our rural community.

High Performance Programme 

Objective: To support students on the road to excellence in their chosen discipline whether sporting, academically or culturally.

Students who apply for the High Performance Programme will fall into one of three tiers:

Tier 3: High Performance Academy

Eligibility- NZ Representation, NZ Development team/programme, Regional A Grade representation, North Island/NZ Secondary Schools, sitting scholarship or 

Excellence endorsement in a subject area.

 Students selected on Tier 3 will move into a specialised mentoring programme. The teacher will ensure they are academically meeting the demands of schooling while maintaining their performance in their chosen discipline. This will involve customising students timetables, managing assessment dates and providing guidance with goal setting will be assisted by specialists. Regular meetings with parents once a month. Tier 3 students will wear the new HPA school tie.

Tier 2: Development Programme

Eligibility-Regional B Grade representation, regional development team/programme, Merit endorsement in a subject area, regional competition (e.g.RockQuest).

Students selected to be in Tier 2 will meet once a month with a specialised teacher to support them in their chosen discipline in the following areas:goal setting, time 

management, mental/emotional well being, nutrition and motivation.

Tier 1: Engagement Programme

Eligibility-Tararua team/event, local sports club, excelling in a certain area of a subject (e.g. debating).

Students will be offered more in school activites to foster their interest and encourage progress into Tier 2.

How do I apply?-please contact Shelley Arends on 376 8344 or email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

For more information, please contact Shelley Arends on 376 8344 or email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.