What we do:

Inside the Classroom:

  • Stream Studies in junior science- water health focus

  • Carnival park project- learning about natives and local use of plants

  • Fencing of farm stream to reduce erosion and stock damage

  • Greenhouses- one designated for growing native tree seedling

  • Gardens

  • Conservation units

  • Discussion on natural resources

  • Traditional Māori construction and materials

  • Māori conservation and kaitiakitanga

Outside the Classroom:

  • Paper/Cardboard recycling for trees

  • Solar powered swimming pool heating system

  • Use of the 123- app for getting gps locations e.g for pest monitoring or rubbish monitoring

  • National Māori Conferences - Eels & Ecology-2017,

  • Cultural/Environmental monitoring of the Makakahi and Mangatainoka Rivers through Iwi Environmental services  for Tararua District Council.


 Latest News                                                                                  

Over the Easter weekend on Saturday 31st of March and Sunday 1st of April,Caitlin Hall, Gracie Finlayson and Maverick Beasley took part in a river study of the Makakahi and Mangatainoka rivers, organised by Morry Black from the Mauri Protection Agency and Kate McArthur who is a freshwater ecologist.

The study was part of a joint initiative between Iwi Environmental Services and the Tararua District Council. At the first site, the Makakahi River, students sampled different bird and plant species.


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